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Testimonials from members and non-members

Below you will find some comments and testimonials from existing members on the benefits they have received from joining the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Reasons for joining the Chamber

"These days every company looks very carefully at any expenditure and trying to convince your accountant that membership of the Chamber of Commerce is an essential expense can result, at best in a withering look and an expression of incredulity (or worse). It is sad that many businesses, both large and small, fail to see great value in membership. The reality is that the Chamber of Commerce can offer a level of services and backup that in my view make them the most essential service any business can invest in. They can save money, time and trouble".
In 90th Anniversary Magazine.

"I have personally seen the Chamber set up everything for a new company entering the market, from arranging hotel rooms at good price, setting up meetings with local press, translating the company's documents and information, to registering the new company in Portugal.
In 90th Anniversary Magazine.


"Networking, networking, networking… there's always another a new face or another new company to know, and by far the most effective way is through the Chamber's network."
Former Minister Dr Luís Barbosa, and long time supporter of the Chamber, responding to a question enquiring what such a well connected person still found of benefit in belonging to the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Referrals & Introductions

"The level of support that your Chamber has offered in making contact at Ministerial level and with potential partners from the UK has exceeded our greatest expectations."
Engº Paulo Pinheiro, Pakalgar, developer of Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

Event organisation (workshops, seminars, promotional events)

"Only the British could organise such a large gathering and show such collective interest…"
Domingos da Silva, CEO of Quinta do Lago commenting to BPCC's CEO Chris Barton at the "Tourism and small businesses" seminar.

Enquiries & Market research

"It was thanks to you that our company managed to engage in some very productive contacts. Thank you and please keep up the good work!"
Manuela Sena, Inarbel, non Member, about our Direct Mailing service.

"I also wanted to thank you so much for your help when we were over there and for your personal interest in helping us. "
Sarah Owen, BNI, member, about the Portugal demography report, commissioned to the Chamber, in order to identify correctly if their company business would have acceptance in Portugal. This company opened an office in Portugal and joined the Chamber.

"I would like to thank you all your kindness and interest shown. All the information you provided me will be very helpful for the project development that I am carrying out. I am extremely thankful"
Alzira Varela, CPI-Comércio e Projectos Industriais Lda, non-member, about an enquiry regarding export values for a certain equipment from UK to Portugal. UK Trade info website for general statistics about exports was given and contacts of resellers for this information in UK.

Business Opportunities

"I would like to inform you that we have been contacted by telephone by 'Mr. X of YWZ Company'. He will be sending me samples of the product that he has an interest in. We will then prepare prices for this project. Many thanks for your help."
Ian Davies, Ghia Industrial Labels Ltd, regarding a Trade UK Sales Lead contact details.

"Thank you very much for this lead. My company is really interested in supplying hake products to this retail store."
Jim Bennett, Frozen Foods International, about a business opportunity sent by El Corte Ingles in Lisbon who would like to contact British food products importers. A few member contacts were recommended.


"I just wanted to let you know that we have finally commissioned the interpreting services of 'ABC Company'. They are fully aware that we got their contact details through the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. Many thanks for all your assistance. Your help was very valuable, and we would like to thank you again for your kindness and professional advice".
Elena Ortuño, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Spain mentioning an enquiry to ask for recommended English - Portuguese interpreters/translators that they could contact regarding an interpreting service for a NZ company, soon to visit Lisbon. Some members were recommended considering the ones that have interpretation services.

Certification and notarisation

"My company has used the Chamber to obtain special credentials which can only be obtained endless visits to a myriad of government departments scattered around Lisbon. I do not live around Lisbon, and the cost of endless time consuming (and frustrating) visits far outweighs the charges that Chamber makes.
In 90th Anniversary Magazine.

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