What is SWOT?

SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats.

SWOT analysis is a methodological tool designed to help workers and companies optimize performance, maximize potential, manage competition, and minimize risk. SWOT is about making better decisions, both large and small. It can help you determine the efficacy of something as small as introducing a new product or service or something as large as a merger or acquisition. Again, SWOT is a method that, once mastered, can only enhance performance.

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Contract for Corporate Status Membership
of the BPCC

This document sets out the benefits and conditions applicable to all Corporate Members of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the full package of benefits available to Standard Class Chamber Members Corporate Members benefit from:

  1. Entitlement for one representative to attend all Chamber events free of charge with privileged placing close to the Guest of Honour, whenever possible.

  2. Entitlement to participate in Board meetings in an advisory capacity.

  3. An invitation to an annual reception by the Chamber’s Honorary President, HM Ambassador to Portugal.

  4. Being mentioned as a Corporate Sponsor at BPCC events (logo on the Chamber’s banner together with Executive Members) and in BPCC publications including the e.NewsDigest, the Members’ Annual Directory and all e.mail correspondence from the Chamber.

  5. Website Advertising:
    1. Free animated logo on the home page and all subsequent pages.

    2. Listed under the heading “Corporate Members” with a link from the company name to your own website, or any other nominated URL.

    3. Preference given to inclusion of articles in the Featured Member in which you may submit texts and images to broadcast your achievements or stories of special interest.

    4. Clickable logo in the Sectorial Reports and Business Guide.

    5. Listed free at the footer of all chamber newsletters with link to company site.

    6. Corporate Members listed with link to company site on all electronic versions of Membership Packs presented to all Potential Members.


  1. The services of the Chamber can be made available, to assist in the promotion of events organised by Corporate Members.

  2. Annual Corporate Membership is for the calendar year.

  3. Prior to the admission of any new Corporate Member, all existing Corporate Members shall be given one month’s prior notice of such impending admission and any one of them will have the right of veto, based on reasonable justification submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber.  Should no comments be received within the stated period of prior notice, the Chamber shall be considered to have the automatic approval of all existing Corporate Members to the new admission.

  4. Membership is automatically renewed each January for the following 12 calendar months unless The Corporate Member gives prior notice of its intention to cancel its subscription by 1st October of the preceding year.

Yesterday’s tomorrow is now - and with hindsight what we know now almost seems so obvious. But the history of how we got here is not necessarily a clue to what the future holds – that is a different social science.

So, what will tomorrow bring? And tomorrow’s tomorrow?

Nobody knows for certain, but the renown futurologist Rohit Talwar has an impressive track record for being able to articulate scenarios which might pan out in our mid-term future. Together with 60 co-authors he has now published a compendium of foresight on the relentless forces that are driving the deep and transformative penetration of every aspect of society.  Their book, The Future of Business,
focuses on the critical social and economic forces, business trends, disruptive technologies, breakthrough developments in science and new ideas that could reshape the commercial environment over the next two decades. It explores how these future factors could come together to force a fundamental rethinking of the purpose, strategy, business models, values and structures of organizations as they seek to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing reality.

The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce not only prides itself on its one hundred year-plus history but also on its capacity to keep pace with developments and embrace our ever-changing business environment.  It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Rohit Talwar and FutureScape Publications by presenting a serialization of The Future of Business - every month  we shall publish a new chapter. 

For those of our readers who wish to purchase the book in its entirety we offer a 30% discount through use of our promotional code bpcc1 at the checout.

Chapter 1

The Future of Business - Navigating the Next Horizon

By Rohit Talwar

What are the forces, ideas, tensions, developments, opportunities, and choices shaping the future of business over the next twenty years?

Charting the Future of Business

The future of business over the next two decades will not be a linear extrapolation from the present day. There are many possible scenarios - each with multiple paths to get from where we are today to an uncertain tomorrow. Those scenarios arise from the complex interplay between a range of future factors:

Socio-demographic changes, and the rapidly evolving values, needs, and expectations of individuals and societies. Political and economic shifts.
Alternative possible trajectories for energy, resources, the environment, biodiversity, and sustainability. New business thinking and the impacts of an increasingly globalized business landscape.

Rapid and convergent developments across a range of disciplines in science and technology with potentially disruptive impact.

This chapter examines the critical tensions and choices that are arise from the interplay of these forces and outlines the domains of science and technology that could catalyze the biggest changes in our world. I highlight emerging business sectors that could shape tomorrow’s economy and examine the new business strategies and behaviors that these develop- ments could enable. I conclude with an assessment of the critical decisions businesses need to make as they define their future purpose and strategy.

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