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Company internationalization is a key factor in the progress and development of countries, as well as a future guarantee for businesses.

Santander, an example of successful business internationalization and diversification, is sharing its extensive experience with the customers through the International Desk program:

  • Personalized service from professional teams organized by country to assist companies keen to expand abroad.
  • Direct involvement of Business Directors, client and office managers, in addition to coverage of all stages and aspects of the program thanks to coordination between the different areas of the Group.
  • Establishment of agreements with a network of valuable contacts in each country.
  • The vision of a global program.

What is International Desk?
A service philosophy geared towards customers who want to expand or increase their business in foreign markets. It’s a team dedicated to helping you expand your business into new markets and accessing the range of products and services that the Santander global network can offer. We have an International Desk in each of our markets that is dedicated to helping customers who want to grow their business overseas. With Professional teams who are multilingual and qualified to guide and inform you, you will receive a personalized service to assist your company expand abroad.

How can International Desk help you?
By providing you with information, before you make decisions, about the most relevant aspects of the countries in which our foreign investment and trade network is established (macroeconomics, financial systems, regulations and legislation, incentives, business, environment, etc). It can offer you specific products and services for foreign investors. It makes the liaison with the Santander banking team in your home country. It simplifies processes that you might find difficult, like the papers you have to present on the account opening.

The current economic context is characterized by increasing dynamism and globalization.

Trends such as increasing interdependence between countries, the formation of regional blocs, the rise of emerging economies, as well as the amazing technological advances in different sectors, show a global context increasingly competitive and variable.

As a result of these trends, the phenomena of globalization of markets and company internationalization have widened further, becoming essential for business owners to have an international vision of economic activity that allows them to rethink the concepts and business strategies within an economic model so open.

In connection with these features, in which the internationalization is imperative, the Santander Trade Portal is created, for making the connection between markets and companies with the aim of capturing new opportunities abroad.

The difficulty of obtaining information through different sources is settled in one place with everything you need to internationalize your business.

All information is organized in order to facilitate the identification of business opportunity. With just one click, through Santander Trade, you can:

  • Get market information and select the most attractive countries for a product or service.
  • Once you have identified a potential market, find potential partners who buy or sell.
  • Access to information about the legal issues, barriers to entry, costs tax ... whose knowledge is essential when buying or selling abroad.
  • Examine 147 international currencies, offering a converter for each query and the exchange rate regime and the degree of instability of currency.
  • Knowing the products offered by Santander to facilitate the operations of international companies.

Access the most relevant information when one wants to establish abroad...And how the Santander Group can help your company to achieve this goal.All this information is available to Santander customers.

The creation of Santander Trade, the online COMEX information most innovative, represents a significant advance, in order to convert ourselves into the main financial partner of companies in their international operations.

Whether you are an SME looking for your first international opportunity, or a large corporation trading with all corners of the world, Santander is here to help you fuel your international ambitions.

This is why we have put at your disposal this International Trade Portal that will provide you with all you need to know to establish your company in a new market; find new business partners; investigate a new sector, or just get to know about all the international fairs and events in your sector.

We are proud to be part of one of the world’s leading international financial groups, which has 14,000 branches – more than any other international bank – and a prominent local business banking presence in 10 major markets, including the US, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and, of course, Portugal and Europe; and we want you to benefit from our local expertise in all our markets and beyond.

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